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Userpics [x-posted nearly everywhere]


This is just a head's up about the LiveJournal's Userpic Team to everyone who asks for an icon in exchange for a code. You don't need to do this. The above FAQ explains very clearly how to request an icon or 3 from the Userpics team, and they LOVE to make them. For free! All free! (I promise) (This is NOT a short time thing, this is all the time) You can keep your code and give it away for different reasons or keep it forever if you want.

Please note that the following restrictions apply:
-You must be a LiveJournal user.
-You can only request userpics (because you know, they are the USERPICS team and all). That means no layouts, no FO banners, just userpics.
-Please only request up to 3 at a time, and be as specific as possible. (Although they're quite creative and can make stuff up. They're arteeests ;) )
-The team won't make any icon that is against the Terms of Service

So read the FAQ and get in contact with the Userpics team before giving away your precious code!!


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